All good things must end

A few weeks ago, we took the field for our final game of the fall soccer season.  On the line was a .500 season and not letting the dreaded number 2 from our last game get the revenge she probably yearned for.  🙂  She ended up not being there, but we still had motivation.

After the last week of anemic offense and brittle defense, we switched from our 3-1-3 orientation to a 2-3-2.  The idea being if we could clog up the middle of the field, we could 1. keep the ball more on their side of the field, and 2. have more strength when they would get to our side of the field.  It worked very well, we wondered why we didn’t think of it sooner.

Things went very well for us most of the game.  We were in control much of the time.  The eldest girlywog started off the scoring with a nice goal and the whole team seemed to be passing better and working together as a team.  Brings a tear to my eye that all our preaching finally got through. In the end, we had to hold on for dear life and withstand a last quarter onslaught, but ended up with a 6-5 win.

After the game, all but two of the team was able to go to Pizza Primo for an end of season party.  It was fun.  I think all the kids enjoyed it and had a good time throughout the year.  Even our rough trouble spots ended up being good team members by the end of the season.

I learned one important thing for any future seasons I coach.  Having those little plastic medals to hand out is a must.  We didn’t.  We had a bunch of other fun stuff to hand out though.  But up until that point, one girl was very concerned if we had medals to hand out.  🙂

I loved coaching all the kids and don’t regret for a minute getting to coach them.  If I could be guaranteed to have the same group, I’d coach again.  As it is, I’m up in the air about the Spring season.  I think my other coach would do it again if I did, so we’ll have to see.

We had a variety of nice compliments throughout the season.  The best came at the end from a parent whose son twisted his ankle during the last quarter.  While taking care of him while the game finished out, he said he’d never seen other teams in this age group pass so well.  That was the best thing anybody could say because we worked so hard at trying to get them to do that.  There were also comments about how certain kids had really come out of their shell this season, which amazed us, because certain kids that this was mentioned about seemed like a class clown the whole season.  I think that can be credited to the fact that both coaches are at a lower mental level than the players, so we’re as much into having fun as they are.

Not having a clue about coaching or teaching anything related to soccer, my biggest hope is that we didn’t dampen anybody’s enthusiasm for “the beautiful game”, as the Europeans call it.


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