Trick or Treat, my feet hurt

The Halloween weekend kicked off with actually having Trick-or-Treat on Halloween. We had to move to a different state to get it, but this is the first time in my life (or the girlywogs) that it’s actually been on Halloween. L-town was a peculiar place. Trick-or-Treat was always on a Thursday, but even when Halloween was on a Thursday, they’d have it the week before. It wasn’t like it was avoiding the cold, 4 out 5 were frigid.

There was electricity in the air of the neighborhood when I got home, so much so I was getting pretty excited myself. We had a vampire and a little devil. I pulled on a cape and grabbed a homemade shield and went as a “Knight of the Dinner Table”.  I didn’t have a sword to use, though I should have grabbed a dinner fork.  I’ve got no pictures to share of the evening, though I’ve still never tried to post one here.

The eldest girlywog was ready to quit after we were maybe a quarter of the way around the block.  But the youngest was so gung ho about continuing on that we went all the way around the block before we could drop the eldest off.  I’ve since learned that around the block is actually a mile.  

After dropping off the eldest, the youngest wanted to keep going.  There was still 45 minutes to an hour left so we probably ended up going nearly another mile.  I was quite impressed with the younger (and proud).  She really came out of her shell a bit.  She would walk up to the houses with me waiting near the street.  That’s a big step for her.  If we could only her to overcome her shyness all the time.

It was a beatiful night, no need for a coat.  The girlywogs and I sat outside on the deck for a little while afterward.  It made me wish I hadn’t gotten rid of my campfire on wheels so many years ago.  I wish I had it for all the leaves I’ve got also.

The wif-al unit and I majorly over bought for the trick or treaters we were told we’d get.  It didn’t seem like the couple hundred that the previous owners had said.  It was such a beautiful night that I would’ve thought there’d be more out than the average.  Oh, well, live and learn.  Only now we’ve got a ton of candy to unload.  Good thing the holidays are approaching.  🙂



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