Regurgitation of the day

Sorry Buckeyes, the Wings play tonight so I won’t be able to give much attention to you.  I’ll try to switch over now and then, but my heart belongs to hockey more than football.  It’s probably better I don’t watch anyways.  If I focused my complete attention there, they’d probably lose.  The pesky Blackhawks are on tap tonight.  They’ve made some big strides the past couple of seasons and the rivalry from when I first started watching hockey is starting to renew.

Relation is in town tonight and we’re watching their kidlings while they go to the Lions game tomorrow.  You read that right.  People still actually go to Lions games.  I’ve quit watching after about week 3-4, whenever it was they came all the way back to take the lead and then still got blown out in the last 5 minutes.  Horrible.  I’m starting to understand what it must feel like to be a Browns or Bengals fan.

It’s a dark day for the Light Blue soccer team.  Leading 3-0 at the half, over a team we toasted 8-1, you’d think we could hold on to a victory.  Nope.  They inched back, took the lead, we tied it, but ended up losing by two 6-4.  Bummer.  Now we’ll need to work hard to end up with an even record.  The refs had a little too much affect on the game today.  There were a lot of obvious throw ins that went against us and a critical corner was given when no one on our team touched it.  That led to the go ahead goal from which we couldn’t recover.  Not making excuses, we should have scored more and not had to worry about it.  Small glimpses of a passing game surfaced today, but there were far more opportunities that still aren’t being taken.  We also can’t keep our defense anchored and end up out of position quite a bit.  Oh well, on to the final game prep.

I took a ton of glass bottles to be recycled today.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t turn them in for the Michigan bottle refund since I didn’t buy them here, at least that’s the way it is at Kroger.  The damn machine rejects bottles not purchased there, and even some that were.  So I unloaded all my old collection and will now just buy and return from Flicks.

Anybody know what I can do with a near shoulder high stack of broken down cardboard boxes from our move.  I’m sure there must be some type of recycling for them and I’d rather do that then just have the trash man take them.  But I need them out of my garage!

I also may look into unloading some of my old magazines at the local library, if they’ll take them.  I’ve got I don’t know how many years of Linux Journal and Linux Magazine.  I know there’s a ton of articles I haven’t read.  I keep telling myself I’ll get back through them at some point, but will I really?  And will the articles be out of date by then anyways.  I’ve also got 2-3 years worth of Dr. Dobb’s Journal from like 10 years ago, back when it was a thicker and I think somewhat more enjoyable software magazine.  What do other people do with their subscriptions?  I’ve let Linux Magazine drop and I’m on my last year of Linux Journal, so I’m trying to stop these things that I don’t read anyways.  Unfortunately, I’ve just picked up a new subscription of Armchair General because of one of the girlywogs school drives.  I think I’ll probably make a point to read it though.  I’ve picked up a copy here and there in the past.  The bad thing with the linux magazines is I’ve never kept a linux box put together long enough to really make use of the info.

I’ve got another Mississippi Mud on tap for tonight.  I’m looking forward to relaxing with one of those.


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