Need opinion

Just have a quick question for those of you with wireless networks.  Do you just hide your SSID or do you also use encryption?  If you use encryption, 64 or 128 bit?

I sure I asked this in the past, but the most recent info is always the best.  😉

Wow, a sweet goal by Hossa tonight.



4 Responses to “Need opinion”

  1. James Morman Says:

    64 bit WEP
    not sure about SSID

  2. Shindo Says:

    128: WPA-TKIP – I don’t hide the SSID.

  3. Bill K. Says:

    Not sure how to answer either of those questions. I have a Verizon USB 720 pluged into my usb port, other than that… yea.

  4. FloydWing Says:

    Thank you all for the insight. I finally got my wireless set up today in what I hope is a secure set up. Hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me online in the future.

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