Mavericks: The Blathering

I ran across this little parody in one of the blogs I happened upon.  For those of you who remember or still play Magic: The Gathering, this is pretty funny.  I can see an actual game like this (without the actual current election combatants in it) being made.  Maybe in the Munchkin line of games.

 Mavericks: The Blathering

Magic gave me some good times but I don’t regret unloading them when I did.  The “pay to be competative” just lost it’s appeal.  My funnest time playing the game still has to be the first night.  I stopped at Mind Games on the way home from college and picked up 3 starter decks and then Bill, Rich, and myself randomly picked one and played all night.  We played wrong that first night, only allowing one non-instant spell to be cast on your turn, but it was still a whole lot of fun.  Didn’t hurt that I won every game also.  🙂  Then after a night of no sleep, I went and played in softball tournament that day.  Funny how these memories pop back up.



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  1. Bill K. Says:

    “So that my eyes don’t fail and weaken, let my head become a beacon. Quick touch your head!”

    I remember that first night also. You cheater. lol You know, you always did win when we played a new game. Of course you always did interpret the rules. Also it did help that we were usually drinking, otherwise I propably would have argued more.

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