Not quite live box opening: Tunisia

So, I’m a bit behind on my box openings.  Three games to be exact.  Here’s the one I was most excited to get my hands on.  There’s just something special about new maps and counters.

First off, Tunisia is part of The Gamer’s OCS series now distributed through MMP.  It focuses on the Tunisian theater during the demise of Rommel’s Afrika Korp Nov ’42 to May ’43.  The front cover is a picture of what looks like an armored car loaded with infantry going over very rough terrain.  It looks like it may have just been hit by something and beginning to crumble and lose integrity at the back as the infantry look to be doing a speedy evacuation.  The back of the box lists complexity and solitaire suitability as high.  I love that rating aspect of Avalon Hill inspired games.

The first thing that struck me is that this game was made in 1995.  Wow, I got married that year.  To think that I probably passed over this game at my local game store near the Coliseum at the time.  Bummer, if I’d have grabbed it then, I’d be king now.

On to the box contents:

  • 2 dice – white and red and normal sized
  • OCS version 3 rules – version 4 is out so these are of no use.  What a bummer.  Though I’ll probably at least read the designer’s notes in case there’s anything extra from the version 4 rules.
  • Tunisia specific rules – I printed out the most recent PDF.  I don’t know if these are any different like the series rules.
  • Version 3 charts – I’m guessing these are probably out of date?  Another bummer, they’ve got some color on them
  • 2 22″x34″ maps – Very nice.  Wow!  That’s big.  Quite the rough terrain on these babies.  These make me wonder what DAK is like with 3 more maps.  Do they fit together with these?  That’d be cool.  Or does it include the area present on these maps?
  • 2 1/2 counter sheets (780 counters) – We’ve got informational counters, British, American, Free French, Australian, German, and Italian units represented.  There also plane counters in the game.  I’ll throw this out to Shindo since he has experience with OCS:  How do you store the counters for Tunisia?  Is there one or more trains of thought like there is in ASL?  Ziploc or actually use a tackle box?
  • A customer registration sheet – Seeing as how this is from 1995, I don’t think The Gamer’s are still at the address and would take my registration being under MMP now.  It also advertises Operations Magazine.  I think MMP publishes that now, but it pertains to more than Gamer’s games.
  • Finally, there’s a sheet explaining why there’s no counter tray included in the game.  Seems the company the contracted with didn’t produce very high quality trays.  So there’s a $2 coupon off the purchase of my next game.  Wonder if MMP honors it.  🙂

So there it is.  We’re at the bottom of the box.  I’ve almost made it to the designer’s notes on the series rules.  I believe Shindo is right that reading them in a disjoint fashion is difficult at best in the comprehension category.  I need to get my counters separated and clipped so when I do achieve a small state of comprehension, I can follow through the replay of it.

I’ve already come across at least one idea that I might like to add into my old Overlord idea.  The idea of a reaction rating of a unit.  It’s basically a rating of the readiness and leadership of a unit.  At the beginning of combat you pick which unit you’ll use for it’s reaction.  This then figures in with the opposing side’s reaction into determination of surprise for the battle.  If surprise happens it can majorly shift the odds one way or the other.  I believe this adds in the possibility of a smaller force overcoming immeasurable odds or one force utterly demolishing another.  It’s probably somewhat rare, but I like the possibility being there.  Every game needs some way to simulate 300.  🙂


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2 Responses to “Not quite live box opening: Tunisia”

  1. Shindo Says:

    Let’s hit this one on a point by point basis:

    – The version three charts are out of date, MMP has the latest (which you already know).

    – DAK and Tunisia do not fit together, missing most of Libya between the two sets. Doesn’t sound like that area saw much, if any, interesting fighting anyhow.

    – With _only_ two maps, Tunisia is one of the smaller OCS games. 🙂

    – I store my counters in the old AH plastic counter storage trays, I used three for this game, one information and one each for Axis/Allies.

    – Keep your counters sorted by division, this will help a lot when pulling counters for setups.

    – As with ASL, everyone has their own _perfect_ system…

    – The action rating is a neat mechanic, I think. It’s helped by the fact that column shifts on the CRT are not as drastic as one might think. Although it still sucks getting hit with a six column shift no matter how you spin it. 🙂

    Have fun, and let me know when you’re ready for some VASSAL play!!!

  2. FloydWing Says:

    Yeah, Action Rating, not Reaction Rating. I knew I should have ran downstairs to double check that.

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