Lost week

Where did last week go?  I had notes for like 4 posts all queued up for last week, and then all my time to write them up disappeared.  I hope to have a little more time this week.  The weekend looks to be filled up again, but hopefully I can sneak a post or two in before then.  I really need to reconfig my wireless so it’s secure.  That way I can be posting from wherever when I have a free moment, without needing to drag myself to the den.

The old soccer team played our worst game of the season.  Things just weren’t clicking and everyone seemed to be dragging.  I’m probably to blaim, because I was pretty much exhausted and not into our Thursday night practice.  We were back on our heels for most of the game.  We managed to tie it up near the middle of the 3rd quarter but they had retaken the lead by the end.  Two more goals pretty much sucked any remaining life out of us and we lost 5-2.

We’re still having trouble with a few people not passing to wide open wingers and staying in position in general.  My other coach was so frustrated that he talked me in to having practice on Tuesday this week.  Unfortunately, I’m probably not going to be able to make.  It sounds like he just wants to talk to them about positional play and keep harping on the playing as a team stuff.  Doesn’t matter how good anybody is if they don’t pass to the open person.  It’s pretty easy for the other team to defend one person with the ball.  Then Thursday we’ll maybe just do some drills, no more scrimmaging.  The early darkness will also cut down on our time.

I did get my three games on the day they were estimated to arrive.  I’ve got some live box openings to write up for those as well as another beer review.  I’d also like to get to a few book reviews that I’ve been meaning to share also.

Hopefully, you’ll hear from me a few more times this week.


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2 Responses to “Lost week”

  1. Shindo Says:


    I’ve butchered some words before, but that one is just too cool not to point out!!! 🙂

  2. FloydWing Says:

    I’d try to come up with some “laim” excuse that I did that on purpose, but I got nothing. 🙂 The spellchecker even had it highlighted. Looks like last week has leaked into this week.

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