Sammy Adams, are you a friend of mine?

I made notes for this review Thursday night watching the Wings game.  Stupid Versus, instead of letting me see Karen Newman sing the national anthem, they give us Mike Emrick and Eddie Olczyk giving us their professional opinion that matters little when I think of watching Karen sing our nation’s song.  Click the link, I’ll think you’ll agree.

This is the first of our reader suggested beer reviews.  This comes to us from The Toolman, who must have gotten confused looking at a menu with more than P. County staples such as Miller Lite or Bud Light.  😉  By the way, where the heck did that name come from, The Toolman.  I, for one, would be scared to turn him loose near anything that required much more than a plastic Swiss Army knife replica to fix.  Calm down, Toolman.  Just making some light humour.

Okay, so tonight’s review is regarding Sammy Adams Octoberfest.  The Toolman recommended I give it a try.  I did the full 6-pack with this one before finalizing this review.  Not all at once, relax.

A small disclaimer before getting into the review.  I’ve never been a fan of Samuel Adams.  This was actually the first micro-brewish beer I ever tried.  It was from a keg of the original Samuel Adams at a New Year’s Eve party in my early college years.  I don’t think I had more than a few cups of it.  The party was at someone who I considered a preppy at the time, so maybe that soured it for me, but I didn’t touch any Sammy varieties until I came full over to the micro side.

The Octo has a clear brown color and noticeably lacking of any smell.  (Disclaimer: my sense of smell sucks!  But still, I’m not getting nothing.)  The bottle mentions that there’s 5 malts used in the production.  This gives it a supreme maltiness in the taste department.  There’s somewhat of a carbonated bite on the mid to back area of the tongue.

The first bottle from the pack seemed to be real good.  It was enjoyable, but the rest just seemed to be coming up short.  There’s a touch of sourness(?) on the back of the tongue that I just don’t like.  Not much to base my dislike on, but I just don’t find a consistent specialness here.

I’m gonna have to give this a low On an Island rating.

I miss my 30 second jump forward button that my Dish Network DVR gave me.  It made skipping through commercials during a hockey game very quick.  Buckeye doesn’t have one.


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