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WOW!  What an amazing game!  Today’s soccer game was probably the best I’ve ever seen or been involved with.  Such a nail biter and back forth affair that the outcome was in doubt just about until the very end.

The day started out early as we had to be there at 7:45am for team pictures.  It was chilly and foggy and I had far too little coffee in me yet, but I got through it.  🙂  We knew one of our players was going to miss the day and pictures.  Unfortunately, another one of our players didn’t make it there in time for the team photo.  Bummer.  The team photo will be how I remember this season.

On to the game where we had nearly an hour warm up period until the game started.  A lot of horsing around got us through that.

The game started and we were quickly down 2-0.  It looked to be a long day.  But the kids battled back and tied it up before going down 3-2 at the end of the first quarter.  From then on it was a dog fight.  We’d tie it up and they’d go back ahead.  We never had the lead until it was tied 6-6 in the last quarter.

All game my players had been complaining about this girl on the other team that was hitting and holding.  They mentioned it to the refs but it continued nonetheless.  I got so sick of the complaining that I had to raise my voice some to get us to put that behind us.  It’s up to the ref to take care of that stuff, I told them.  Just play your game and try to ignore her.

She ended up being the other teams downfall.  Tied 6-6 mid-way through the 4th quarter, she got called for holding one of our team inside the penalty box.  We had our girl who can put a lot of height on the ball to take the penalty shot and she provided a beautiful arcing shot that sailed over the defense and goalie into the net.  We never looked back, adding two more goals to win the game 9-6.

It was one of those hard fought games that your glad to have been a part of, especially being on the winning side.  I don’t think my heart can take many more like that.  Though next week we play the first team that beat us.  We know we can play with them and that we’ve improved greatly, but they’ve had some games under their belt to improve also.  Should be another tough game.  This game definitely woke me up for the rest of the day.

We still need to work on our passing the ball and our defense was pushing up a little too far.  So some things we’ll need to address at practice this week.

Woo hoo!  UT beat the Wolverines!


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