Estimated delivery date: Friday October 10th

Okay, time to come clean.  As eluded to in an earlier comment, I’ve made an OCS purchase.  So I’m committed to learning the rules.  I’m close to half through the regular rules and I have to admit, I like what I’m reading.  Yeah, it’s gonna take me a while until these things are second nature to me (this is a complex system and I’m probably displacing other wargame rules in my brain 😦 ), but I really like the rules.  There are things that just make sense to me and I really like the designer’s notes sprinkled through the rules to give rationalization to things.  Most of these I’ve guessed at before reading.

I screwed up though.  I found Tunisia a few weeks ago for a real nice price but kept mulling over it.  Last week I went back to the site and it was gone.  In panic I found it only on one more site and decided that I needed to act swiftly.

I threw in a few more games while I was at it.  So last I knew, the following games are barreling their way through Texas at the moment:

  • Tunisia – the OCS title that seems to be the best intro to OCS for the money
  • Afrika – another SCS title.  I love The Mighty Endeavor and have preached my love for the simplicity of SCS.  So I thought I should probably own another title in the series.
  • Zooloretto – this game has been on my wish list and seems like it might be a nice family game that even the youngest girlywog will enjoy.  The zoo theme should help.

Additionally, on backorder/preorder is Pandemic.  I’ve heard good things about this game and it will be my first cooperative game.  This is another that I hope the family will like since we can all work together to save the world.

So I’ll continue to trudge my way through the OCS series rules.  Don’t know at what point I should ask Shindo to begin my tutelage.



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One Response to “Estimated delivery date: Friday October 10th”

  1. Shindo Says:

    Can’t say that I am totally surprised by this. 🙂 I think you’ll really like the OCS system – once you step through a few turns, things will just seem to fit into place. It is also a good system to play through solo, it uses the same type of fog of war as SCS, and the action ratings of the lead units can lead to some very surprising results.

    Tunisia is also a very good game to learn the system (although you won’t have any need for the old charts and system rules, as they’ll be 3.x or so) , especially ‘The Race for Tunis’ scenario. I’d recommend reading the example of play on BGG to get a good feel for how the system plays. Once you’re ready for a VASSAL game, just let me know. 🙂

    Afrika is also a very good game, with large swings in momentum during play. Can’t comment on Zooloretto, but Pandemic was a minor hit with our group after three plays.

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