Please excuse this brief insanity

I’ve tried to avoid any political talk in this forum (I don’t know why), so let’s throw this in with my crazy ideas.

It occurred to me during supper tonight that once this campaign is finally over, what the heck are all the news outlets going to talk about.  We’ll probably find out we’re worse off than anyone actually thought.  Good luck to whoever gets sworn in next January, they’re screwed either way.

Every presidential election is the same.  One candidate starts to pull away and the other switches to pretty much all smear.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s an honorable candidate or a slimeball to begin with, the politician gene is bred into them.  It’s lowered my opinion on someone I thought was different.

Had an idea.  I’m sick of having a mainly two party system.  Yeah, there’s always those who declare themselves as independant or whatever that libertarian party is or something else.  But they don’t have a hope.  I’m thinking there should be something set up so that all these other parties are lumped together and they have their own primaries and end up with another candidate that will be on the ballot.  This candidate would get so much allotted money and be able to take part in the debates.  Might jazz things up a little more and maybe we’d actually get someone who is more in touch and tells the truth.



2 Responses to “Please excuse this brief insanity”

  1. James Morman Says:

    What has bugged me is one of my fav tech blogs has pretty much been bashing one candidate and supporting the other all summer. I stay subscribed because I am secretly hoping his guy loses. I am preparing a draft of what I will post as a comment on his blog and post on mine if this happens the way I hope 🙂 I’m awful.

  2. FloydWing Says:

    Hmm. I wonder if we’re on the same page.

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