Mississippi Mud, you know what I mean

Today’s beer review comes to us from Utica, New York and the Mississippi Brewing Company.  I don’t see the connection either.  This was a beer I picked up a few weeks back when I was going to have my own Oktobeerfest at home, but I just got around to trying it.

It is the Mississippi Mud Black & Tan.  This comes in a quart size mini jug that looks like it’s got a porcelain sleeve around it, though it’s just a covering over the jug.  The edges even look a little rusted or worn.  Pretty cool.  A+ just for the looks.

This bottled black & tan is a blend of a porter and a pilsner.  Unlike the kind you order when out at a restaurant, when it comes in a bottle there’s no separation of the beers.

After pouring it into my pint glass it looked quite dark.  However, upon holding it up to a light it turned out to be more of a brownish red color.  Drinking it gives a slight initial bit on the tip of your tongue but then a nice mellow finish as it washes over the back.  There’s pretty much no hoppiness in this and plenty of malt taste.

In my initial impressions, I didn’t think there was going to be anything special about this brew.  But it turned out to be a quite nice easy drinking beer.  It didn’t blow my socks off, but went down smooth and was enjoyable.  I picked it up for $2.99 for a quart.  Try to get two pints in a bar for that price.  So I think this will be a decent treat now and then.  It might be nice to pick up a few for when some buddies stop by.

Well, since Sixftunda didn’t get back to me on the ordering of songs on my album beer scale and I haven’t sat down to listen and rank them, I’ll just have to give it a strong, middle, or weak rating on the chosen album.  I’m going to rank this beer as a weak to middle Darkside of the Moon.  Subsequent drinkings could change this, but I’m comfortable with it there for now.

Once again, I broke my 4/6 pack standard for judging beers, but it’s hard with these special varieties.  I’ll gladly buy another to confirm my rating.  Hopefully Flick’s keeps carrying them.

I’ve got a few more beers in the fridge that I plan to review in the coming weeks.  One of them I picked up at the suggestion of one of our esteemed readers.  I also plan to pick up another suggestion in a week or so, making sure to give all their fair FloydWing rating.


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  1. James Morman Says:

    This blog needs a “send comment replies to me by email” button. Like my blog has. I only read the RSS feeds and rarely visit the site. I didn’t realize people commented here besides me 🙂

  2. FloydWing Says:

    I’ll try to look into an email type plugin, but there is already a feed for the comments also.


  3. James Morman Says:

    Sweet! thanks for that no need for that email plug in. This is better.

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