Game 1

Saturday I made my coaching debut in a real game.  It was quite a nervous and harrowing thing.  Trying to come up with good formations and where kids should play on the fly was very nerve wracking.  We got our first subs in like 10 seconds before the first quarter was over.  DOH!  I think we settled down after the half and had things more under control.  The kids started sticking to their positions.  Forwards were staying on the attack side.  Defenders were sticking to their given side.  We started playing a 2-2-3.

The 3rd quarter felt like the longest quarter ever.  It just seemed like we kept getting pinned back and back.  They scored like two goals in the final minute when it sure seemed like they should have blown the whistle 2 minutes earlier.

We made a valient attempt at coming back but wound up 1 goal down.  We had a beautiful big league goal where our center took it to the side, switching with a forward and then centered it right onto the foot of the forward.  GOAL!

Having 12 kids, I think we’re going to separate them into 3 units of 4, and then just have 2 units out each quarter, then sub halfway through the 4th quarter.  That way 4 kids will play 3 quarters and 8 kids will play 2 1/2.  We’ll mix it up each game.  Hopefully this will give me time to give some advice and pay attention more.

I’m enjoying it other than it seemed like I was nose down figuring out subs.  Seemed like I didn’t get to really see much of the game.

Had one parent yell something that made my blood boil.  Don’t know who, but I was hot.  It was probably in the 2nd and we had a throw in deep in the opponents’ end.  We made some subs and either we didn’t tell someone well enough where to go or somebody lost their assignment.  We ended up with somebody to throw in and one other person on that end of the field.  A parent yelled out “Hey coach!  It’ll be tough to score with only 2 people on that end.”  We had quickly rectified the situation anyways, but I just wanted to shout back “If your freakin god’s gift to soccer coaching, why didn’t you get off your dead beat butt and volunteer.”  Most parents don’t want to have to put forth any effort.  Back in L-Town, the ref’s were volunteers usually from the parents.  I always ref’d my fair amount but most didn’t want to.  My thought is: Shout encouragement for your child and for the team and “good job” when somebody does something really good.  But otherwise, keep your mouth shut unless you’re going to step up.

P.S.  Coaching has taken away my time of really being able to watch my girlywog play.  Now it’s like I’ve adopted 11 other kids that I need to try to keep an eye on at some point or another.   I really enjoy the kids but miss seeing what she’s doing all the time.


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