My den is coming together.  I got through a bunch of boxes this weekend.  I believe I have pretty much my entire game collection unboxed and stored in a bookcase and some stacked in the closet.  My other bookcase is empty except for a few items.  At the old house I had them both filled and still didn’t have enough room.  This time I have some other smaller bookcases that I’ve been putting my books in, so the game shelves are games only.  Except for a tall book that didn’t fit in the others, and part of a shelf that I have my Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull cd’s on.  If I ever look into how I post pictures in this thing, I’ll post a pic.

Did some browsing at the MMP site today.  I’m getting interested in Stalingrad Pocket 2.  I love The Gamer’s (even though I only own one of their games) and like the SCS system.  I’m still up in the air on whether to take the OCS plunge.  One thing I wondered about was MMP’s special issue of Operations magazine.  In it they have variant counters and a scenario for Fallschirmjaeger, but looking into that title I find they have no plans to reprint it.  I guess I wonder “why bother” for something that hasn’t been in print for a while and isn’t going to be reprinted.  Put that stuff out for free, not in a $40 magazine.  The Dean Essig interview, Mighty Endeavor article, and Iwo Jima game looked interesting, but I’m going to pass.

I sure would love to get my wireless router set up but I haven’t come across the manual yet.  I need to make sure it’s secure before hooking it into my network.  There’s 3-4 wireless networks that I’ve discovered in my immediate area, some not secure.  I didn’t go exploring but I want to make sure no one can peek on me.  I was a bad boy at the old house as far as my wireless security, but I don’t want to continue that trend.  I may just need to look for the manual online.  It will be nice to be able to sit on the couch downstairs and do online stuff.


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  1. Shindo Says:

    I have Stalingrad Pocket 2 but have yet to look at it. If you do happen to pick it up sometime let me know, I may just have to make the VASSAL jump after all (email me sometime about a VASSAL game of something – intro to OCS maybe??).

    Afrika 2 is a really nice SCS game as well, if North Africa is of any interest to ya.

  2. FloydWing Says:

    Why do you increase my tempation, sir? 🙂 I will have to get a hold of you and try to figure out VASSAL again. I’ve probably read the Afrika 2 rules 2-4 times but never made the jump and bought it. As much as I fretted handling supply as the Germans in TME, I figured having actual supply counters would drive me insane. I read the designer’s notes on Stalingrad Pocket 2 and it sounds like they brought in a few of the OCS ideas in that one, but not too much.

    I’d be up for a VASSAL game, as long as you didn’t mind moving slow. We could always do a restart of TME. I’ve got AVL. I’d love to get back into ASL but my brain may be too jellied for that. It looks like if I want to get into OCS I’d better get Tunisia quick (it’s getting harder to find). Though Burma looks more interesting to me, but from what you’ve and others have said, it’s not the best intro. Case Blue looks the coolest, but like you’ve said previously, it’s a bit costly for an intro.

    Heck I’d even play a game you have that I don’t. I don’t know your thoughts on that, but I’ve always figured that it’s legally and morally ok as long as one of the players owns the game.

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