Power Hands

A fellow programmer at work made a bet on an arm wrestling match to come up in January.  He’s got a whole training regime to get ready for this.  He’s taking it very seriously.  One of the tools he’s using are these grip trainers.  He’s got a variety of the different pressures.  Being the betting man that he is, I got into a bet with him for who could close the 250 lb of pressure gripper first.  Lunch was on the line.  He had one in the 150-200 range that we could close pretty easily.  After around a month of working on the 250#, I was within a hair of connecting the arms.  That last little bit just wouldn’t budge.  Finally last Monday, I triumphed and I had my free lunch last Friday.

It’s a fun little pastime working on these things.  We already have a bet to see who can close the 300# first.  It may be a few years but one of us will get there.  I think it may have a health benefit considering my keyboard bound job.  Having my fingers involved in this little exercise will hopefully help prevent any corpal tunnel or other such problems.  My jammed fingers from my past basketball playing at lunch finally seem to feel better.

So for all you programmers out there, give one of these a try.   I’ll try not to crush your hand when I shake it.



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