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I’m really loving the little “Previously on this day” section of my blog.  It’s probably more entertaining for me than anyone else to see what I was complaining about on that day in years past.  I also like the related post entries at the bottom of posts on the main page.  Though sometimes I wonder about some of it’s “similarities”.  I wish more blogs that I read installed these features.  Of course, most of my reading is through Google Reader, so I wouldn’t see those things anyways.

One of those past posts mentioned that I was quitting watching Survivor.  And I’m proud to say I’ve been Survivor-free for 3 years.  I’m also thinking of giving up Heroes.  I watched their hour pre-premiere show the other night, hoping for a recap of what happened in the finale and it turned out to just be a hype-fest and just plain annoying.  From what I saw of the premiere, it’s not holding my interest anyway.

The show I’m most into right now is on BBC America and is called Primeval.  Love it!  It’s about these portals that are opening up between today and other parts of earth’s past.  Things make their way through and our heroes must find a way to contain the beasts and work at finding out why the portals are opening.  It’s good fun.

I’m a ton behind on my Stargate Atlantis and Dr. Who, but besides Primeval and Gordon Ramsey, I’m just not into TV at the moment.  Looking very forward to the NHL season starting.  Tonight’s the first pre-season game for the Wings.  I probably should check to see if they’d broadcast it, but I doubt it.

My team’s first soccer game is this Saturday.  We’ve got a pretty good team, finding where to have everyone play will be the challenge and making sure they all get a fair amount of time.

I once read what the difference between Categories and tags were on this blog.  But that knowledge escapes me.

Unfortunately I thought of something else I need to do around the premises.  I need to do some trimming of branches.  I should probably invest in one of those tall limb trimmers.  I’ve probably got enough trees around here to warrant it.

I forgot to mention a few weeks back that I unloaded our truck.  It was a good old beast but I just didn’t have a place for it up here, especially with needing to transfer title, insurance, and plates.  Luckily, someone bought it right before I’d need to worry about that.  NICE!


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