Gutteration Day

I’m feeling pretty manly this evening.  I finally was able to spend a full day doing outside chores.  The lawn looks great and I was able to get up on the roof and clean out gutters and valleys.  Found out I’m not going to need a huge extension ladder to get up to the higher roof, I can just hop over from the lower one at the front.  Only bad part is the lower back part, it’s a steepness where you can go up it, but standing still and coming down are an adventure.  My legs were quite wobbly after that escapade.  Cleaned up all the debris and at the moment, there’s nothing pressing left outside.

Hoping to hit the garage and basement hard tomorrow.  Got a Chelsea game in the morning though on FSC, so my priorities are still where they should be.  🙂

Somewhere in all the boxes that are storing my games is my exacto knife and nail clippers that will enable me to remove my Storm Over Stalingrad counters and clip their corners.  I could probably forego the clipping since you don’t really need to stack the counters, but it looks nice.  We’ll see.  I’d like to get them ready so I could maybe start a solo game tomorrow.  Hoping to write up a rules review tomorrow.

I also partook of a wonderful beer tonight.  An old love so to speak.  It was everything I remembered and more.  But I should probably get going now, so I’ll have to put that review in the queue also.


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2 Responses to “Gutteration Day”

  1. gojim Says:

    “I could probably forego the clipping”

    You’re dead to me….


  2. FloydWing Says:

    Stop it! I almost snorted water out my nose when I read that comment. Leave it to you to always throw in a fitting one liner. Good news! I found my exacto knife, so I can at least get the counters ready. The clippers is still MIA. Though we do have the one we use for it’s actual purpose in the bathroom…

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