Fall training (in the fall)

Well, the second round of practice went much better than the first.  Myself and Ryan were more organized with some ideas of things and we were able to keep the kids busy.  I didn’t get one name wrong, amazingly(!), and I think the kids had a good time.  I know I did.  We’re finding out that the games we use for learning are much more well received than doing straight skill practice.  No surprise, but there are some things that need worked on that are hard to just do games to learn.  The main things we’re seeing right now that we need to work on are proper kicking and passing techniques (a lot are using their toes straight on instead of sides of foot or more to the top of the foot) and using your teammates.  We need to get used to passing a lot to confuse the defense.  Two practices next week and then it’s game day.


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