37 ain't much different from 30

It’s reflection day again.  Or that’s what it seems like birthdays are the older you get.  A time to look back over the past year (or remember further back) and see how things went.  This past year has been quite a roller coaster.  New job, new house, new state, illnesses, deaths, recoveries.  It goes on and on.

Today seemed about as unbirthday like a day as I’ve had in recent years.  It just didn’t seem any different at all.  I woke up from what seemed like a long night sleep very tired and dragging.  The morning went by uneventful.  My boss had emailed me birthday wishes.  Lunch came, got to see the wifal unit.  She was very excited and happy for me.  Went through the afternoon, finished up a pretty cool feature, caught a possible problem in a previous change and put it on hold before it was patched.  Drove home.

Even though our family celebrates our birthdays every year, it really didn’t feel more like a birthday until I got home and was greeted.  I had been in an odd mood all day, but that got all wiped away getting to spend some time at supper with the family.

Even though I always tell them not to do anything special, the wifal unit and girlywogs got me some amazing gifts.  Some very nice and touching cards, leave it to them to always find such gems that convey their feelings and best wishes.

I got a bag of Nestle Treasures (melted carmel wrapped in chocolate).  YUM!  A 2009 NHL season preview and yearbook.  A 6-pack of Bell’s Two Hearted Ale (me loves them IPA’s), the wifal unit knows me so well.  And what nearly brought a tear to my eye: a photographic print of the Red Wings 07-09 Stanley Cup championship.  There were two photos (a celebration and a team pose with the Cup) and something to do with the postal service.  Pretty cool.  Gonna get a frame for that and put that baby up in the den.

As if things weren’t already going good, the doorbell rang.  The eldest girlywog said a man dropped something by the door and ran away.  In afterthought, I probably should have been a little concerned, it could have been a bomb after all.  But luckily, it was just the UPS guy.  That’s right!  My preorder copy of Storm Over Stalingrad showed up on my birthday!  I had kind of eluded that that would be cool last week, but never expected it to happen.  So cool.   I made it my first ever pre-order at the end of July because I knew it was going to be released toward the end of August.  Never thought it would arrive on this very day.

Then it was off to a soccer coaches meeting.  That’s right, I signed up to coach the eldest girlywog’s co-ed soccer team.  I was supposed to just be an assistant, but they didn’t have enough, so I’m now I’m a full fledged coach of 4-5 graders.  How can I win the Cup when there are no standings?  Should be fun.  I’ve got a high school graduate to help me out.  Hope I can teach the kids something useful and they all have fun.

Got back from that and dug into a scrumptious birthday cake.  (I loves cake and milk.)  Now’s time to dig into one of my IPA’s.  Laters.


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  1. gojim Says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. FloydWing Says:

    Thank you Sir!

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