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So I finally took the plunge.  At the end of July (soon after I was able to reacquire the internet via my laptop), I pre-ordered a few games.  This was the first time I’d ever done that.  I know what a huge savings you can achieve by getting the pre-order price, but I just never did.  I had really wanted to with Case Blue when I saw what the regular price was going to be, but I didn’t and now will probably never own the game.  But seeing an announcement on MMP’s website that Storm Over Stalingrad was going to be released at the end of August, regardless if it achieved it’s required number of pre-orders I just couldn’t resist.  Stalingrad is one of those WW2 topics that really interests me.  How could the Russians, who were getting swatted aside like stick men by the Nazi advance, finally put it together in an all or nothing stand?  These are the questions that keep me up at night.  Being a history buff is sometimes a curse.

So having just survived the first hell weekend of moving, I was in a generous mood (for myself) and thought what better way to enjoy the new house then with a shiny new game.  Of course, if I’ll ever get things organized enough to find the space to eventually set it up.  I don’t have it yet.  Word on the street is that it started shipping last week.  It no longer shows on Multi-Man’s sight so it must be doing something.  Perhaps, MMP is just waiting until a certain someone’s birthday.  🙂

After that pre-order, the candy started kicking in.  It was so easy to order that game.  Why not look around?  Doh!  I also pre-ordered A Victory Denied.  I enjoyed A Victory Lost, so I figured why not.

Being a newbie at this pre-order obsession is not easy though.  I constantly check MMP’s site to see if they have any news.  I constantly moan about why there hasn’t been any information about when I’ll receive my treasures.  AhhhhHH!   I gotta go.  They might have updated the site since I looked 5 minutes ago.



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  1. gojim Says:

    I usually have between 6-10 preorders going at a time – you’ll get used to it, NoOB. All part of the life of a wargamer. 🙂 I just recently got my preorder copy of Burma, and am currently waiting on the Beyond Valor reprint (yes, I’m taking the ASL plunge again). Check out I’ve just been pre-pordering my stuff directly from them, it’s usually even cheaper than the MMP or GMT prices.

    I currently have a Case Blue scenario set up and ready to go for this Saturday – I’m really digging the OCS stuff!

  2. FloydWing Says:

    I just can’t stand to wait so long! That’s why I finally took the plunge with SOS, because there wasn’t going to be much of a wait. 🙂

    I can’t believe you’re getting back into ASL, especially after you unloaded everything (without asking if I wanted Red Barricades 😦 )! You must have someone to play with now, since you’ve snubbed the rest of us who can only hope to play with someone online. I really need to get to Mind Games and dig up someone.

    Let me know how Burma looks. I’ve been entertaining the idea of an OCS purchase. I was reading a Tunisia replay on BGG that you had posted to. It seemed a bit slow and boring, though, didn’t seem like many options. Plus that theater has never really interested me all that much. They need to reprint all the Gamer’s games!

    Case Blue looks so freakin cool!

  3. gojim Says:

    Actually ‘The Race for Tunis’ scenario is actually quite fun (and is how the major campaign game starts as well). It’s also a _great_ way to get into OCS.

    I picked up ‘Valor of the Gaurds’ the latest Stalingrad HASL and it looks really cool, I just need BV in order to set it up and play it. I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to get back into ASL, but after seeing some of the new stuff I decided to go for it. All I really want is BV, that should keep me going for quite some time.

    There were quite a few people who wanted parts of the stuff I sold off, but it was easier to just sell everything at one time.

    I just can’t get into that online play, I’d rather play solo (and do quite a bit)….

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