I, Michigander

We made it.  After three loads of a 26 foot U-Haul truck, more pizza then I care to ever cram into 3 days again, boxes, aches, boxes, big gas tank, boxes, tetris-like stacking, boxes, and more aches, we are finally living in Michigan.  Of course, “living” is probably an eye of the beholder thing.  An interior made of nothing but boxes may not be most people’s definition of living.  But the kitchen and dining room are livable.  Beds are on the floor and slated for putting together along with arranging the bedrooms.  Cable, phone, and internet were hooked up yesterday (the important stuff!).

We still have some work back at the old house.  We may need to rent a small U-Haul some weekend.  I’ve got two bookcases (full of books and games) left, plus a little bit of leftovers in every room and the garage.  Then it needs a good sweeping.  Oh, and I need to go through my precious beer bottle collection and cull it down to like 5-10 that are the most memorable to me.  We’re 11 days into our 30 day get out of the house program.  Hopefully a few more weekend trips will do it.  One thing I discovered through this is that the wif-al unit is pretty good at directing me when I was backing up the monstrous U-Haul beast.

Unpacking will really show our problem.  We’re in a smaller house now.  We already got rid of a bunch of stuff once on a moving sale but I think we’ll end up discarding more.  My new garage is packed and somehow I need to move an entertainment center through there when the time is right.  Good times.

Agenda for today:

  • Mow
  • Get a few groceries/supplies (need those “moving men” pad thingies)
  • put beds together
  • arrange bedrooms
  • unbox
  • talk wif-al unit into giving me a backrub    🙂


5 Responses to “I, Michigander”

  1. gojim Says:

    So, now that you live in Michigan how long will it be before you completely forget how to drive like a normal human being?

  2. Toolman Says:

    As long as you keep the family away from the maize and blue you can always visit.

  3. FloydWing Says:

    Once I switch over to the insurance where Michigan is one big parking lot, my inhibitions will be unleashed. 🙂

  4. Bill the Molelike Says:

    As I sit here with The Victors playing in the back of my head (it drowns out the voices) I fondly remember all of us playing AD&D, going on maneuvers, John putting out a small bonfire with his accumulated liquid refreshment.

    I am really glad I had the privilege of knowing John. This sounds like an eulogy, not the point I was trying for. Yet, he is in a better place, Go Blue! I am looking forward to seeing the girls one day sporting the colors and attending that fine school up north. You know, the more that time goes by the more nostalgic I get.

    I do remember helping John back to Leipsic from Fort Wayne. I think he was directing the U-haul back when it crashed into the self-storage unit. I may be wrong, but that thought just popped into my mind, and that doesn’t happen that much anymore, I’m telling you.

    I will miss the whole gaming/bbq night complete with Toolman bragging about his abilities. (laughing) Sometimes change isn’t a good thing.

    Good luck on the back rub and remember some how & some way you have to pay (earn) those perks. Miss you buddy.

  5. Bill the Molelike Says:

    PS I forgot the word (move) in the third paragraph.

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