It begins

The final (at least that’s the dream I’m having) move has begun.  Actually it began on Monday when I started hauling van loads during my normal work trips.  But tonight I started some packing of my own.  How I’m gonna get all my crap done, I don’t know.  Tomorrow is plum packed with errands and stuff.  I really need to get my stuff off of the heavy bulky items so we can load them up Friday night.  The odds and ends can be taken any time, but I need to get the furniture and appliances moved when I have the help and the truck.

Gas was $3.62 in T-town on the way home.   I believe it was $3.83 as I pulled into the county.

I still have Faithless’ Pit trophies from season 3.  These are the high quality glass ones.  I don’t think they’ll be making the move, sorry Faithless, you’ve had at least 4 years to get them.  If anybody wants to take them and hold them hostage, speak up quickly.  I’ve got a couple trophies of my own that may not be being packed.

Well, back at it.



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