Lame Duck

I’ve always found it somewhat surreal when you work through your final weeks after you’ve handed in your resignation.  You’re hands are somewhat tied.  You can’t really start anything new that will be super complicated and extend beyond the time you have left, because why bother with that hand-off headache.

You’ve got to document and hand-off anything that you’ve been working on and won’t be able to finish.  There’s the brain dump documents so that life can continue after you’re gone.  You’re constantly running into people you’ll probably never see again and have the last conversation.  You tell them the same story you’ve told the last twenty people you’ve run into.  Desk cleaning, returning borrowed things, giving away things you won’t need, cleaning up embarrassing files/notes.  By far the most painful is migrating email and files from your PC that you wish to keep.  Migrating your work and home digital life to one laptop drawbacks become evident when leaving.

Thunderbird made that pretty painless this time though.  I copied my profile directory onto my old laptop and *poof* everything is now there.  I’m not sure about the email address book, but I’ve got that exported just in case.  Moving all my blogs into Google Reader has made that a non-issue.  I just have a few bookmarks to go through that I saved before starting to use Reader.

Last week I really kicked butt and got most of this stuff out of the way.  I’ve had some minor things to complete this week but for the most part, this week has been pretty relaxed.  Leaving my last job saw me cleaning my desk out at 4:30 on Friday afternoon.  I’m not having that this time.  As of right now, I’m pretty much ready to power down, do 2 minutes of final packing, and then I’ll be ready to walk out the door.  Friday will be busy enough with all the final goodbyes, final lunch, and final meetings.

I’ve retained my responsibilities for overseeing my department right up until the end.  I figured such things would have been shifted away from me by now, but I’m still expected to report on our goings on at my final staff meeting on Friday.  That’s cool, makes me feel like I’ve been appreciated.  Looking back, I can’t really think of what I’ve done to truly have an impact these last 21 months, but people have told me I’ve had a positive impact.  That’s all I’ve ever tried to do, leave things better off than when I found them.  Don’t ask me what though, I can’t think of anything right now.  🙂


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