Western Conference Finals

Before looking ahead, let’s review my picks from the last round.

Wings advance – check!  Talk about total hockey domination.  The Wings/Avs rivalry is officially dead, topped with the cherry of this four game sweep.  We’ll be hearing Avs fans whine about their injuries for years to come.  Just zip it!

Stars take out Sharks – check!  Saw it coming.

Flyers over Canadians – check!

Pens speed past Rangers – missed that one.  The Pens have made me a believer.

Now let’s look at what’s to come:

Pens/Flyers – I thought the Rangers would push around the Pens but they played whatever style of game the Rangers played only better.  Watch for the Flyers to take as many cheap dangerous hits on the Pens skill guys as they can.  And watch the Pens cut the Flyers defense to shreds.  My Pens friend thinks the Penguins could take the Wings.  I wouldn’t go that far but the Pens make the Finals.

Wings/Stars – Osgood still doesn’t get the respect he deserves.  Most “experts” bring up the Wings toughness as their Achilles heel.  It’s amazing how many sports writers pick against them round after round, year after year.  It must be fun to hate Detroit.  I don’t get it.  The Wings have become more physical each of the past years.  They throw the body as well as anybody, their just not stupid about it.  Hell, even Datsyuk is finishing checks.  The Colorado series was probably the best all around team play I’ve seen since I’ve been a Wings fan.  They made game 4 look embarrassingly easy.  This team is driven and is firing on all cylinders.  Unless they have a major meltdown and quit playing the team game they have been I don’t see how they aren’t headed for the Finals.  Forget all the Turco can’t beat the Wings talk, he’ll play well.  But the Wings will crack him.

Most picks for these series have them lasting 7 games.  I wouldn’t be surprised if both were over in 5.



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