Anti superstition news

My hockey viewing with no superstition imprisoning me has been very relaxing this year.  If I want a beer, I get one.  If I’d prefer water, I get a glass.  Shave or no shave, who cares!  Sit in my Red Wings lawn chair, sit on the couch, okay you get the picture that I’m a nutcase.

Anyway,  here’s a few tidbits that could really feed my superstitious side if I was being a superstitious person this playoff season.

Last night I had a dream that the Wings had completed a sweep of the Stars.  I was in the dressing room after the game as Uncle Mike addressed the team about the Finals ahead.  It was like I was a player or something.  Then it changed to be an episode of The Apprentice!  Some poker player guy comes in with some challenge to take somebody to Vegas for a week.  Everybody points at me and off we go.  I suddenly begin to get really stressed out when I realize that I only have one change of clothes and I’ll be there a week.   Psycho analyze that!

The other little tidbit relates to a night light we have in our bathroom in the form of a youthful Red Wings player.  A day or so after the Wings swept Colorado the light burnt out.  The wifal unit enjoys bugging me and said “Uh oh, what could that mean?” with a big smile.  We quickly changed the light bulb.  I then instructed her that we were to never speak of this again.  🙂



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