Part Time Developer No More!

You read the headline correctly, I am going to be a “full time developer” now.  Last Wednesday I accepted a Java developer position.  Thursday I turned in my resignation, and after next week I’m no longer in the education field.  I’ll be working for what I feel is a great company doing what I enjoy doing.  Add in a great employment package and a great feeling of being wanted and I’m pretty excited.

The only downside is we’ll be moving up around 75 minutes to the north.  Still close enough to see family and friends now and then, but it does require uprooting the girly-wogs to a new school.  I’ve tried to avoid putting them through that, but this last job search pretty much convinced the wif-al unit and myself that what I’m looking for ain’t around here.  Even the original opportunity that started the Part Time Developer series was a couple hours to the south.  They’re handling it better than I thought they would, but we’re probably still going to end up spoiling them as much as we can.

So now has begun the fun of completing all those house projects that we’ve put off over the years.  Putting the house on the market.  Finding a nice house to move to.  All the unplanned expenses (COBRA – yuck!).  These are the times that try men’s souls.  Indeed it will be interesting.

So goodbye to management life (and good riddance!).  Goodbye to having to worrying about what everyone else is working on.  To doing tech support for third party software packages.  To the frustration of not doing what I so desperately want and need to do.  To my MacBook Pro (nearly the most painful of all 🙂 ).  To the friends here that I’ve made.

But also goodbye to softball (I’m probably too old anyways).  Goodbye to childhood friends (and new ones).  To country small town living.  To the house that we’ve made home.

The wif-al unit, the girlywogs, and myself all say that it doesn’t seem like this is really happening.  We’ve begun working on the house, cleaning, boxing, etc.  We know that we will be moving once we find something and our house is sold, but it hasn’t really hit us.  I think that’s going to make the last time we drive out of our driveway that much harder.

It’s going to be a while before the house is on the market.  And until we find our new home.  I’ll be commuting for a while, but hopefully not too long.  It seems like we’re a long ways off, but I’m sure time will fly.



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  1. Go Guy Says:

    Good luck!! (Although you should have taken a job about 75 minutes to the west). 🙂

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