College students are funny

Working at an institution of higher learning, I’ve heard a lot of stories that relate to the declining responsibility, intelligence, morality, and common sense of the average modern day college youth.  I got a first hand representation of some of that a little bit ago.

I went to our local little University food place.  Outside of the going to the cafeteria (hog trough), this is a somewhat quiet and relaxing place you can grab a chicken wrap or other such thing at.  Upon walking in, a student was at the counter looking very concerned.  In front of him was a dozen or so bottles of different beverages.  He kept talking with the cashier and running back to the refrigerator area.

Basically, at the end of each semester, students do all they can to empty their ID cards of any food funds that remain.  I don’t know if they lose them or they carry over, but I can’t blame them.  I’d probably do the same thing.  This student was engaged in this activity of minimizing his remaining balance.

From what I gathered, he had it down to 22 cents and was doing his darnedest to figure out how to use the remaining amount.  It was an amazing spectacle to see this going on while he held up the line.  He was feverishly looking through his pockets to find some change to put along with it to buy something other than an empty water cup.  He was running to the refrigerator and to the coffee barrista to come up with some formula of beverages and snacks that would allow himself to spend every last penney.

I was tempted to throw a quarter at him and tell him to hit the road but figured that probably wouldn’t be very good coming from a University staffer.  I eventually jumped in and paid for my lunch.  All in all, while I was there he was doing this for 10-15 minutes.  But he had been there before I arrived and was there when I moved into another room to eat my food.

Funny stuff.


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