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Just on the spurs of a comment about teaching my oldest to program in my post on programming games, a couple blogs I read noted that Sun has put up a resource for young programmers.  This would probably be a good resource for any non-programmers wanting to give it go.  I know at least one of you Bud Light swilling heathens has made a comment to that effect to me before.  🙂

Wings had a great weekend.  Hopefully they can avoid duplicating what happened in the Nashville series in games 3 and 4.  I’m gonna be a tired puppy this week with these late start times.  Nephew #2 has bad mouthed Chelios probably since the Wings got him.  I usually defend him, more to annoy my nephew than anything, though I did see value in his skills.  My opinion may be changing.  I’m starting to really cringe whenever Chelios is on the ice.  I’m starting to see a lot of mistakes and problems that weren’t occurring in the past.  It’s a little worrisome.

How many pictures does a 2GB SD card give my 4 mega pixel Kodak LS443?  1,650 pictures.  Want to know what’s even scarier?  I’ve  got two cards.  I can record 80 minutes of video on each card.  Someday I’d like to get smaller camera that fits in my pocket easier.  One of those digital video cameras would be cool too.  Someday…

The wif-al unit has taken a very nice upswing from her surgery.  She’s acting more like herself now.  I’m very glad.  She still needs to avoid any sickies, as that wouldn’t be good at this stage.

I went with my youngest on a zoo field trip last week.  It turned out, she was the only child in my group.  We had a blast.  Wish I could do that more with the girlywogs.

For those worried about my programming studies, fear not.  Over the last 2-3 weeks I studied myself silly.  I worked on a nice little project for someone and have very nearly burnt myself out.  I need to get back into things after a little break.  I probably should continue to work on my Hibernate/Spring project, but I’m very tempted to start learning Groovy.

I picked up some Sapporo from the IGA last week to enjoy during the Wings’ games.  This is my Japanese beer of choice when eating at a hibachi restaurant.  This batch wasn’t so good.  I’m wondering how long it’s been sitting there, because it tastes a bit skunky.

Looks like a big decision will need to be made this week.  Hopefully two.  One cool, one not so cool.  But a stressful decision nonetheless.


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