Hostilities Renewed

Looking back at my first round picks of the 2008 Stanley Cup playoffs, I’m 6-2.  I didn’t see the Flyers getting by the Caps and I didn’t think the Ducks would go down without a quack.  🙂  So nice to see some team other than mine have problems after winning the Cup.

Let’s look at round 2:

Wings/Avs – The greatest hockey rivalry since I’ve been watching will once again be revisited.  Old enemies are once again part of the Avs (Forsberg and Foote).  Season series domination means nothing in the playoffs, though the Wings will advance and even up the all time playoff series record against the Avs.  I don’t see the ugliness of past series surfacing unless something on one side or the other provokes it.  Both times the Wings have beaten Colorado in the playoffs they’ve gone on to win the cup.

Sharks/Stars – The Sharks will be bolstered by having survived Calgary.  Can Turco continue to be solid?  This is a tough one to call.  This should go 6 or 7 games.  Against my better judgment, I’m going to say that the Stars have things going now and the Sharks susceptible to the upset.  Stars.

Canadians/Flyers –  I know next to nothing about the East.  I couldn’t name you one player on Montreal.  I’m going to go with the Flyers, more because they seem like a more physical team that can push a top seed.

Pens/Rangers – I’m still pulling for that Wings/Pens Finals, but I’m not seeing the Pens fulfilling their side of the bargain.  Yeah they’ve got the skill but the Rangers have the grit and experience to win.  Plus they’ve got Shanahan.  My money’s on the Rangers.

A final rant here:  What the heck’s up with the 10pm start times in Colorado?  During the regular season these games were always 9-9:30, weren’t they?  Dammit, I thought we were going to get another series where the Wings (and me) aren’t disadvantaged because of the start time.  This is probably the stupid Avs doing just to mess with Detroit.  I wouldn’t be surprised.



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