Summit Pilsener Bohemian Style

Finally getting around to reviewing my Summit Brewing Company’s Bohemian Style Pilsener while watching game 6 today.  I’ve already had three of these during previous games.  Is this my favorite Pilsener?  No.  Would I order this before a Bud or Miller?  I think, dear reader, by now you know the answer to that.  Do I like Edie Brickel and the New Bohemians?  Oops, wrong topic.

The color is golden.  There’s a hint of hoppiness but by no means as overpowering as the pale ales and IPA’s that I love.  It kind of dredges up the memory of that first ever taste of beer where you wondered why anybody drank this stuff.  But it’s drinkable and somewhat refreshing.  Not a whole lot of maltiness in this one.  It seems very balanced in the hop to malt taste ratio.  I think this would be a real good beer to drink while eating hamburgers or other grilled food, provided you can’t find a suitable IPA.  Of course, I think most beers are well suited to drink with grilled food.

In summary, buy a couple pounds of ground beef, grab a six of this under your arm and enjoy.  For one of the only craft beers you can get locally, it’s be taken advantage of and cherished.  If I lived somewhere where there was a real good package store, I probably wouldn’t grab another pack of this.


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