What day is it?

I can’t believe it’s already Friday.  I meant to do some posty-posty of material before now but have had no chance to even think about doing it this week.  The wif-al unit had her tonsils and adenoids removed on Monday and she has been totally destroyed from it.  I always heard that that surgery was hell on adults, but that is an understatement.  I sincerely hope that you and me never have to go through that.  I’ve been off this week taking care of her, and trying to do a small portion of what she usually does around the castle here.  Small portion is probably an overstatement.  I feel like I’ve gotten nothing accomplished around here this week.  Partly from taking care of her, partly from other things that I’ll have to talk about sometime, partly because I’ve neglected listening to podcasts at home (so I can hear her better if she needs me).  Podcasts always make the house chores more enjoyable, at least to me.  A really interesting podcast makes it easy to get boring things done.

I’m starting to lose track of my internal Pit scheduling ability also.  I normally always know what night the end of round deadlines are but this week I’ve really lost track.  Last deadline I ended up running the off round a day early.  Luckily I got no more orders after that so I didn’t need to reset and then rerun everything.  I am currently conscious that tomorrow is the deadline for the first game of the Pit Finals.  Hopefully I remember.

So this week has been totally crazy.  I had hoped to get the lawn mower ready this week but that’s been pushed to at least the weekend.  Hopefully I can get the damn thing started again.

The Wings continue to find new and interesting ways to lose playoff games.  Hasek has been so inconsistent since coming back from injury.  He was amazing at points in the first two games but has turned porous.  You never know whether he’s going to give up 6 goals in the first or provide a shutout.  Osgood is in now and I really wish the best for him.  He has looked pretty dominating this season and he deserves his chance to shine.  I’ve always thought most people don’t give him much credit for backstopping the Wings Stanley Cup team of ’98.  It would be nice to see him be a big reason the Wings advance far in the playoffs.  These strings of the Preds scoring two goals in unheard of time (11 seconds, 9 seconds, WTF!) has got to stop.  After the Preds score (and now it seems like after we score) the Wings seem to be suffering from “head in ass syndrome”.  How can someone be so wide open in that short of time from the center ice face off.  Unacceptable!  Tonight’s game will really dictate my mood for the weekend.

I broke down and picked up some craft beer from the local IGA.  At least I think it is, I haven’t done any research yet.  So look for my review soon.  I tried one last night and plan to have one tonight also.  I’m saving my final Flying Dog brew for a special occasion.


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