Quest for the Cup

Tonight it begins!  Not for me, tomorrow is when my butt will plop down.  From now until my Mighty Wings playoff season ends (hopefully with Cup) I will be engrossed and immersed in all things hockey.  I may set my Red Wings folding lawn chair up in the family room to watch.  I’m sure the wif-al unit will be pleased.  There is nothing like playoff hockey comparable in sports.  Every game has such meaning.  You’re always worried if that goal will change the series for the bad, will my team ever score again, why do all announcers hate my team.

When it comes to watching the Wings playoff series, I am as superstitious a bastard as they come.  I’ve gone from not allowing myself a beer while they are playing, to having one per game or period, to taking part in the no shave ritual last season.  I continue with my neurotic behavior into the next seasons if they work.  My not drinking during games didn’t continue working after the last Cup season of 2002 and nothings worked sense.  What shall I do this season?

The beard (okay, so I can’t technically grow a beard having not yet achieved manhood.  You’d probably call it scraggle.) didn’t work and current circumstances probably wouldn’t be good to do it again.  I’ve cut down on imbibing of the spirits that that doesn’t really matter anymore.  Perhaps this year’s superstition will be not being superstitious.  Oh my god, this is the supreme superstition.  By telling myself I’m holding to no superstition this year and not caring what I do during each game, I’ll be totally doing the end around on myself.  Pure genius!

Here’s my picks for round 1.  I don’t normally do this so it may be fun.

Wings/Preds – Come on, I gotta go with my boys.  The Wings have a habit of making unknown young goaltenders emerge into superstars.  I really hope they can forego that this season.  The Wings have the skill and grit to get by the Preds.

Sharks/Flames – I think this will be a good one.  The Flames always bring a grueling style into the playoffs.  There is upset potential here, but I think the Sharks are just too tough.

Wild/Avs – This is my upset pick.  The Avs will find a way to get past the Wild.

Ducks/Stars – I hope this is such a grueling series on the Ducks.  I hate them so.  Hopefully this is the series that caveman Pronger does his first bonehead hit and he gets a worthy suspension, not the one game crap from last year’s playoffs.

Canadians/Bruins – The Habs should progress pretty easily.

Pens/Sens – As much as I like Marty Lapointe, I gotta go with the Pens.  I would actually love the Finals to be Pens/Wings because I talk a lot of hockey with a Pens fan.  This is probably the best upset chance in the East though.  Fluery has a tendency to choke.

Capitals/Flyers – The Caps had an amazing run to make the playoffs.  I think they’ll make it through but they’ll be pretty beat up.

Devils/Rangers – Should be a great series.  The 4/5 seeds can’t really be considered an upset if 5 wins.  I think Shanny will pull them through.



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