Licking emergency

I need some help here.

The wifal unit was going to seal an envelope by wetting a paper towel and moistening the adhesive with that instead of licking it.  Warning bells went off in my head.  Some long buried memory surfaced and I need your help to fully realize it.  I stopped her, licked it myself to seal it and explained my fear.

It seems to me that Encyclopedia Brown had a case where some fortune teller would put his prediction in an envelope and seal it by dabbing the adhesive on a wet sponge.  Maybe this was a Sherlock Holmes or Hardy Boys case, I’m not sure.  Let me know that also.  Anyways the detective kept coming back to that sponge and why the fortune teller used it.  In the end they found out that it caused the envelope to seal but then to come open later.  Somehow the fortune teller used this to put what actually happened into the envelope and seal it for real.  I forget how they even knew that it was the same envelope but that’s not important.  What was important was that our personal information could be falling out in the mail if this was true.

So I’m going to need to experiment to see if this was real, but thought I’d throw it out here to see if anybody knew.  Also, does anybody remember old Encyclopedia Brown?  I do, but for some reason I thought he was a young African American boy, but that doesn’t agree with the cover shown on Wikipedia.



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  1. Toolman Says:

    Ah,yes.I remember those short stories…something like a 3 minute mystery. His dad was a police chief or something and he was a 5th(?) grader. Had bullies that tried to beat him up and a girlfriend who was a tomboy. I should see if I can those books for my kids.

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