Please excuse this interruption…

This is a work rant. You’ve been warned…

So here I sit taking my normal decompression time during the work day (known as some as lunch) and instead of using it for my own personal self development, I feel the extreme need to rant.

This entire freakin day so far, nay this whole week so far, I’ve spent doing nothing that even resembles programming which I was hired for and am qualified to do. No, all I’ve been doing is putting up with requests that shouldn’t involve me, mucking around with some convoluted account permission crap that worked the last time I needed to update such a thing, and primarily just trying to keep from plugging my printer power cord firmly into my tongue to end it all.

I’m ready to scream and blow up at somebody but figured I’d better vent this out here before I did. Luckily, I’ve been left alone for the most part today and haven’t had anybody poking me with a stick.

To make things even more enjoyable the permission thing works on a test box so most likely the latest upgrade (which one) from the wonderful company that puts their name with our ERP has enhanced (screwed up!) something. And now the account that I’m trying to give permissions, I’ve actually made worse from trying to figure out what’s going on.

I just can’t remember when in my interview it was stated that system administration and 3rd party tech support was going to be one of my main responsibilities. Is it a bad sign when you start praying for a gas leak and a smoker?


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  1. gojim Says:

    “…from plugging my printer power cord firmly into my tongue to end it all…”

    It doesn’t work, and worse yet, you’re the one that will have to find a new power cord to replace the one your tongue ruined….

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