Old News

A couple months back I put some time in to tinker with the old blog and then forgot to mention it.  I installed a couple plugins.  The first one shows what it thinks are related posts for a current post on the front page.  I don’t know what it uses to gauge what’s similiar but I thought this might be a way to get some older posts popping up.  If it uses tags and categories then none of the older posts will probably show up, since that wasn’t retained when I salvaged them from the old blog.

Another plugin shows recent comments that have been made on a post.  The comments show up on the main page.  One problem I’ve seen with blogs is when I make a comment, I usually don’t remember to go back and check if there was any response.  I’ve seen the same problem on my blog when I respond to someones comment that they don’t check back.  Now maybe they’ll be able to see at a glance if anyone’s responded.

The  final plugin is probably my favorite.  It’s kind of a “this day in history” type thing where it will show posts I’ve made on this day in the past.  I find it very entertaining to see what I was thinking a year or three ago.

One bad thing is this all only shows up on the main page.  If you go to a page showing a single post, none of this stuff will show.  I’ll have to dig into my template sometime to see if I can make the related posts and the sidebar appear when your viewing a single post.

Of course, if you’re reading this through the RSS feed, you won’t see any of this.  That’s one thing I miss since using Google Reader.  Some blogs I read show how many comments are on a post but most do not.


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