The Battle of Suggestion or "Hey, hey, mama, said the way you move"

Did you think “gonna make you sweat, gonna make you move”? If so, I win!

The wif-al unit and I have engaged in a battle against each other for years. Secretly hidden away behind the sturdy doors in our house, or masterful blocked away in the sealed environment of our vehicles, we’ve contained this horror from spilling out into the streets and infecting others. Until now that is, when I unleash it on you. What is it you wonder?

I’m sure others have to engage in this battle of wills. Here’s the scenario. The wif-al unit and I are in the kitchen working on getting supper around for the girlywogs. I softly (or loudly) start humming (or singing) some catchy tune from years ago, or last week. I don’t do it for very long and then I retreat into the background. A little bit later, the wif-al unit starts to sing or hum that same song. After a little bit, she realizes her folly, turns on me and asks, “Were you singing that!?” Triumphantly, I beam. I win!

That’s it. It’s hilariously fun to see your significant other realize that you have power over them. I used to be amazing at this game. My shining moment was the “Single Word Suggestion of 2002”, where I used nothing but a single word from a song to use my suggestive power over the wif-al unit. She still lives in disgrace from that day.

It helps if your opponent doesn’t know that you’re playing the game. In my hey-day, I was always on guard against the wif-al unit’s attacks. My mind was a steel wall, never letting anything in and always knowing just the perfect time to strike back. Ah, those were the days. Of late, my mind has turned to mush or the game has lost it’s charm so we’ve become more even, though I still like to think I have the edge.

It also helps if your opponent is musically inclined. Not a problem for us. We love music. We were always singing baby-ized versions of the newest or oldest songs when the girlywogs were younger. Sometimes even today.

So here’s where I branch off our war onto the internet against my unsuspecting readers. We’ll run this little experiment to see if this type of warfare can be a battlefield in the blogosphere. The way this will work, dear reader, if you choose to play, is you will set aside 5 minutes of your time. You will then click the link I will provide below and attentively watch the YouTube video that it leads you to. You must listen to the whole song. Then you will just forget about it and go about your day. Don’t make a conscious to fight this, just go about your business as usual. The suggestive timeframe is probably only like 5 minutes if that, but I’d say give it a half-hour. Remember, just let your mind float free and don’t fight it. If you start humming or singing part of the song in the next half hour, your mind has succumbed to the suggestion, if not you survived.

Ok, let’s get to the musical selection that will soon attack your senses. I would suggest doing this at home even though the song is safe for work. If all of the sudden you burst out in song, I don’t want you to be embarrassed in front of your co-workers. This song is the last barrage used by the wif-al unit against me. I don’t know how the devil she found the thing, but she had me watch it and by god I was singing the damn thing soon after. Don’t give me any of that “copycat” use of artillery crap, I’m a wargamer. I learn from my enemy. And what’s good for my enemy to use on me is good enough for me to use on a different enemy. There’s probably a Sun Tzu quote in there somewhere. Anyway, follow up here with a comment on what happened.

On to the music. This song is so diabolically evil it’s been banned from use in political ads by most states of democracy. A man in Alabama was found drooling on the side of an expressway, no trace of brain waves, after mistakenly listening to it in a rental car. You think you can handle this, little man. I don’t think so.

I give you Numa Numa.

I win!



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