Why I should be the NHL Commissioner…

It’s hard to say what it is I see in you
Wonder if I’ll always be with you
Words can’t say and I can’t do
Enough to prove it’s all for you
–All For You – Sister Hazel

So I watched the Wings/Ducks game from Sunday (a few days DVR delayed, of course) and I got to see a couple things:

  1. The Ducks are still a bunch of goons, led by the biggest idiot of them all.
  2. The worst officiated game I’ve seen all season.

During the NHL All Star game, the announcers were talking with league commissioner Gary Bettman about changing the schedule so that all the teams would get to see each other in their home arena. Bettman said this would be a bad idea to revert back to because it would increase the wear and tear and travel costs for all the teams. Wha! Does the moron even pay attention to the travel requirements that the Wings and Blue Jackets have during the regular season? Not to mention, how the Wings consistently out travel all other playoff teams every year during the playoffs even when they don’t make it to the Finals. My great hope for this season is that Columbus finishes with the 8th seed in the West to set up a same time zone first round for the Wings. Not only would this be a nice start to the playoffs, it would do tons to stoke the Detroit/Columbus rivalry that has been smoldering for the last couple of seasons. Plus, I get tired of staying up until 2am just to see them lose. 😦

My posts may be sporadic for a while. Last week the wif-al unit’s grandmother passed away so things have been pretty out of whack since then. Once we get back into our normal rhythm, I’ll try to get to some posts that I’ve been meaning to for a while.



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