Baseball Fever

I ramble a lot in this post.  The real inspiration that prompted all this is at the bottom if you don’t care about the rest.

I’ve played my share of baseball games in my life, real, board, and computer. It used to be my favorite sport. Boardgame-wise it started when I received a dice fest game. Can’t remember the name or from who, I’m guessing my parents. It had two colored dice. I can’t remember if there was any prerolls for balls and strikes, but the meat of this simplistic game was rolling the two dice and then consulting a table. 1-1 was a single, 2-2 double, 3-3 triple, 6-6 Homer. I can’t remember the rest. But each hit would indicate how far runners would advance or hold. I don’t think the color of the dice mattered. I drew up my own league and schedule and played many a season. I would randomly generate the results for the other teams. It was a lot of fun for what it was and my age. A buddy of mine even made his own version and we would take each other on occasionally.

From that game I moved on to Statis Pro Baseball. The version I had had all-stars through the years. I can’t remember what kind of dice or how many you’d roll, but first you’d roll against the pitcher card. If no result was there, you’d roll against the hitter card. I can’t remember if any fielding attributes came into play or not, I’m thinking not. After many a year playing it, I traded it to the buddy that I would play my original game with.  The game I got was a more in depth game.  I can’t remember the name though.  Every stadium you played in had a different impact as far as deep fly balls would go.  Pitchers and hitters had more affect on each other, and fielders ratings had to be taken into account when balls were hit to them.  I enjoyed it, it took longer to play but was cool.  The drawback was, I don’t think it had the full compliment of players.  I didn’t play it as much as the other game, so in that respect it probably wasn’t a good trade.

Somewhere along the line I played or owned Double-Play Baseball.  I would’ve forgotten this one, but I recognized it when I was searching for my first game.  You’d arrange the colored dice for your batting order.  The different colored dice had different chances for hits.  I can’t recall where I played this or even how much.

Sometime I’ll have to reminisce about the computer baseball games I’ve played through the years but this post has dragged on long enough.  Let’s get the reason I started this trip down memory lane.

I get a product info mailing from Strat-O-Matic now and then because I own Strat-O-Matic Hockey and had bought some additional cards in the past.  I’ve been tempted to get one of the computer versions for some time but haven’t pulled the trigger.  They’re kind of expensive.  The latest newsletter talked about this.  It uses their Strat-O-Matic Baseball system and has a variety of people (including Curt Schilling) managing each team through the 1986 season.  My Tigers are a game and half out at the moment (mid-point of the season).  I’ve checked in now and then and it’s pretty entertaining.  It’d be cool to run a season like that with people I know.



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  1. Toolman Says:

    Anytime your Tigers feel the need to be crushed by my BIG RED MACHINE just let me know. ’75 or ’76 Reds are the greatest teams ever!

  2. FloydWing Says:

    How can you compare teams coached by the greatest manager of all time?

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