You are Bill, aren't you?

When I was young I had a few of those Star Wars action figures.  I only had one of those silly Cloud City spaceships though, never had a cool Millennium Falcon or Star Destroyer.  I had many a episode where I performed my own version of the Rebel actions against the Empire.  (I had that Hoth Han Solo, never the cool buccaneer looking version.  I don’t know how I explained to myself why he was always cold.)

Now and then I would get thinking.  Yep, I’d have these bouts of deep thoughts then too.  After observing how girls would act out their own imaginary worlds with their Barbies and how myself and the other boys made our own worlds with action figures, I started thinking  “What if our world is just an imaginary world given life by someone in the real world?”  (You were thinking I was going to correlate and compare the similarities between girls playing with Barbies and boys playing with action figures, didn’t you?  Shame on you!  Action figures are manly!)

What if all these thoughts in my head were put there much like the dialogue that I would put into my action figures mouths?  What if our world isn’t real at all?  We’re just all action figures and Barbies.  Now you’re saying to yourself, “FloydWing, with your incredible aptitude for computers and programming, if you did indeed have these thoughts so long ago, why didn’t you write The Matrix?”  I’ll give you that.  I’ve kicked myself many times for connecting those two ideas together.  But this memory only pops into my head every now and then.  The Matrix movies made me remember my old thoughts.  Darn, I could’ve wrote that.  And I would have stopped it after one movie.  🙂

A recent reason I’ve remembered these thoughts of late was this lunatic who “explores the idea that the universe is a virtual reality created by information processing.”  It’s amazing what people can publish in the scientific community.  He’s got every right to do it, and I applaud his courage in publishing it.

But even at that young age when the hypotheses first presented itself to me, I was able to easily discount any belief in it with this simple thought.  “If we were all just part of some make believe world, where every action and thought was provided by an external force, they probably wouldn’t put thoughts like that into our heads.”  Why would they?

But now I’m thinking, unless they were coming up with their own Matrix-type episode.  Hmmm.  Interesting.


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