Scratchin' my itch

To celebrate the mild weather of the last two days, I decided to bring you another tasting trip to the Flying Dog Brewery.  Tonight we find ourselves enjoying a Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager.  The homework has been done, the pre-bedtime snacks have been passed out, soft music is playing in the background, the sleek metallic sheen of my Macbook is in my hands…  Anyway, I’ve found time to breathe and have a brew.

The first thing that attacks my taste buds is just a nice amount of maltiness.  A lot of taste that happens toward the back of the tongue.  Some maltiness sticks back there, but it’s not a bad aftertaste.  Nice aroma, too.  The lager is Amber in color (duh, look at the name) with no hint of cloudiness.

I would have to say that this probably has a spot in my top 3 lagers.  Definitely worth the time.

I now leave you, as we get back to our normal winter weather tonight.


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