Pineapple Salsa

I love salsa!  If you know me or have attended any of my Pit or gaming get togethers you probably already know that.  I’ve usually got salsa in some form present.  I’ve coined the term “Salsa Diet” in the past back when I used to frequent our local Mexican restaurant.  A quart of spicy salsa has a way of helping to clear you out.  Of course in the past, certain salsa has caused me to be late for work in the morning.  🙂

Our neighbors gave us a couple jars of salsa for Christmas from Desert Pepper Trading Company.  Last night I partook in their Pineapple Salsa (medium).  Now my thoughts on fruit in salsa are close to my thoughts on fruity beer.  Avoid it!  But I guess I’m more open to the salsa variety, given that I’ve been served fruit salsas with fish in my travels.

I gotta say that this Pineapple Salsa goes right to the top of my salsa with fruit list.  It’s not something I’d like to make a habit of, but I wouldn’t mind visiting it every now and then.  My first thought was “Boy, this is awfully sweet.”  But then a nice little spike of remnant heat washed over my tongue from the habaneros,  jalapenos, and green chiles.  Intrigued, I continue eating.  And eating and eating.

Don’t think I’m gonna rush out and start trying peach, pear, and mango varieties.  I’m a purest at heart.  Tomatoes, onions, garlic, and cilantro are the tried and true base.  Some peppers added in are fine, but I’m avoiding fruit as much as I can.  But this variety I would eat again.

One final note: Olives don’t belong in salsa either.



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