I izzzz banedead

I’m not paralyzed, but I seem to be struck by you
I want to make you move, because you’re standing still
If your body matches what your eyes can do
You’d probably move right through me on my way to you
—– Finger Eleven – Paralyzer

I don’t know what happened this week at work, but the stars aligned, the clouds parted, and some universal essence said “Let’s totally screw with FloydWing!” I am more drained, whipped, and brain dead to the point of drooling than I’ve been in a long time.  And the worst thing is, when I think back to what I accomplished this week at work, I remember very little.  That’s not that unusual, though.  Some afternoons, I can’t remember what I did that morning.  Just call me “The Blank Slate”.  That’d make a good superhero.Anyways, we all have days where we’re constantly pulled in one direction after the other.  As soon as you define what someone’s problem is and set out to address it, bang! here comes another to pull you away to fill your head with this one and then bang! there comes another.  Those days happen every week.  But this week was entirely that.  Everytime I would get my head around something it would pretty much be pushed out for the next emergency to take its place.  Somehow in the midst of all this, I did manage to get some things done.  And I have that feeling that it was a good week of getting things done, even though not much got done.

Multitasking is a part of life and I’m used to it, but this week broke me.  I was in a pissy mood by Tuesday afternoon.  And in the spirit of this hell week, to put the cherry on the top of it, on my way out the office I get stopped and told about the latest big problem that has found its way to light.  AHHHHHHHH!  I’m so freakin glad to have the week over, but now unfortunately I’m gonna have to write something up to document the latest problem and get some resolution started over the weekend.  Not tonight though.  I’m done.

I started some physical therapy on my shoulder this week and they end the session by hooking me up with electrical stimulus on my upper back.  It’s very relaxing, so that got me on the road to recovery.  Then we took the girlywogs out to eat at Legends (their choice, honest) so that was cool.  We hadn’t been there in quite a while.  An Amber Bock can do wonders for further relaxing me.  Right now, I don’t think I’ve been this relaxed since probably last Sunday night.

If any of this post is more unintelligible than usual, sorry.  Hopefully after a good long nights sleep, I’ll be alive again and can get to some posts that I’ve been wanting to make.  I’ve once again kicked off a new professional development scheme, I’ve run out of fingers and toes to count those on.  I wanted to share some thoughts on some Flying Dog beers I’ve been enjoying, wanted to give a CodeMash recap, a little something about seeing Sixftunda, and a story that will probably make you bow to the power of my mental abilities.

Oh and don’t think I didn’t see that Mac bashing comment, Six.  I just figured I’d need to start up my Windows virtual machine, running within Parallels, running on my MacBook Pro, and respond to the comment by typing slowly in that Windows environment so that a heathen such as yourself could understand.  But I’m too lazy to that at the moment.

Everybody have a great weekend.  Peace out!


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