I get to go to a conference!

CodeMash €“ I'll be there!

Next week I’ll be making the trek to Sandusky to attend CodeMash. I think it’s great that we have a convention this close with this caliber of speakers that this one does. These are the sort of technologies that I’ve wanted to be involved in during my daily work, but seem destined to continue to elude me. No matter what I try I’m still stuck in crap dark age technology. BUT, at least I’m getting to attend something like this. This is the first event like this that I’ll be attending that deals with newer software development practices and tools since I attended a Microsoft DevDays years ago, back at the time Biztalk was going to be such a huge thing but now you hardly hear about it.

CodeMash looks like a mixture .NET/Java, Microsoft/Open source, etc. I think the concept sounds really cool. We’re all developers with the same problems, so what can we learn from the other guy. I know I’m tired of hearing the .NET’ers bashing the Java and Open Source’ers and vice versa. Nothing turns me off more to a blog or podcast than when the people throw out a blatant slam against the other side of the fence. I like to think I’ve moved beyond that. While I’m not a Microsoft fan boy by any stretch of the imagination (they continue to annoy me with every new move they make), I can appreciate how easy they make things work together. And while I do see C# as the next logical step down the C++ road, Java is probably still my favorite language. I’ve gone back and forth through the years and have reached that happy medium where I just want things to work and be able to do it in an easy way.

Looking over the session schedule, I see I’m going to have to make some sacrifices. There are a lot of conflicts between things that sound interesting to me. Just looking at the speakers, I know I want to attend one of Dick Wall’s (I listen to him on the Java Posse podcast), and Bruce Eckel (he’s helped me with his Thinking in C++ and Thinking in Java books). I’m also excited about getting to see Scott Hanselman (I listen to him on the Hanselminutes podcast). I’ve been hearing such gushing about Scala on the Java Posse and everywhere I turn I hear Ruby and Rails mentioned that I’d like to make something on those. Then there’s all the different development methodologies that are the rave these days, I definitely want to make something on Agile Development. I’m a proponent of pair-programming, having found great productivity doing it in DEC Fortran (scary, I know) thought I haven’t gotten to do much of it since. I’m also interested in test driven development and mocking.

All that choice is good though. But it will cause me some sleepless nights trying to make sure I get a good sampling of everything. 🙂 Here’s my tentative schedule, but this is subject to change at my whim or panic. Warning: this uses Silverlight so you may need to download something. I’m seeing I’m a little light on .NET, so I’d like to pick up one or two more .NET topics.

Also, hopefully I’ll be able to come out of my normal reserved shell a little and make some good contacts.  I’m a shy person at heart, so this will be a toughie.


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2 Responses to “I get to go to a conference!”

  1. sixftunda Says:

    Hey call me while you are there I’m only 20 mins away.

  2. FloydWing Says:

    Will do! I’ll have to see which night works out best, if you can get together. I think there are some conference stuff going on Wednesday and Thursday nights. I might be able to grab a quick bite to eat with you Friday after it’s over. Let me know which night looks best for you.

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