AVL – End of Turn 6

Kharkov has been fortified, appears tight though battle will surely follow along the river.  Southern Donets River defenses are holding and appear strong, though cracks are forming.  Middle area presents the most interesting positions, somewhat mushy, something will surely happen here.

VPs: German 25 Russian 6

FloydWing’s thoughts:  Love the Manstein chits!  They are proving very valuable, especially when they come out during the last two moves of the turn to allow me to reposition my defenses.   Unless I ever destroy any mechanized Russians, I can’t afford to lose more than one Victory City.

Nephew #4’s thoughts:  First mistake of the turn was putting a wrong command chit in the mix, but it turned out decent.  The next turn will be critical for determining whether I’ll have a chance at Rostov or Kharkov.


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