AVL – End of Game

The city defenses of Kharkov were never touched as the exterior defenders could not be moved.  A last ditch attempt to encircle and cut off supply from Kharkov and Rostov also failed to have the length needed.  Ending in a German victory.

Final VP’s: German 25 Russian 11

FloydWing’s Final Thoughts:  I feel lucky to have held out.  Our messing up some of the rules at the beginning (namely that only Russian mechanized units were worth VPs) probably added to the German ability to hold on.  Another turn or more and I would have been in serious trouble.  Saving my MOT and TOT saved the day.

Nephew #4’s Final Thoughts:   Our initial VP mess up made me too tentative at the beginning.  The Germans through up a good defense.  I didn’t even think I’d get close to Rostov.  Once again, throwing 1’s and 2’s at Kharkov makes it hard to win.  Also, never getting the command chits pulled when needed like the German was getting really stunk.


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