AVL – End of Turn 5

2nd German blunder is made as entering 1st Panzer mobile forces are diverted to try to take out some easy infantry in the south.  They should have headed to the interior.  Northern Hungarian front totally collapses and is exploited by Russian armor.  Full German front begins retreat en-masse.  Germans rush units and reinforcements to protect Kharkov from Russian advance.

In the middle of all this, we realized that Russian infantry are worth no VPs, only mechanized Russian units.  So that made the 1st Panzer Army gambit and the earlier 4th Panzer Army actions were a waste of time.  Adjusting the VPs yields: German 25 Russian 3.

FloydWing’s thoughts:  Damn VP mess-up.  I should have been more conservative anyways, but for a moment I thought I could move to gain an early victory.  Now I’m in full retreat and trying to maintain line integrity.  I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to slowly give ground.  I’m starting to think I can maybe afford to give up one victory city.

Nephew #4 thoughts:  Breakthrough achieved.  Supply line is going to be an issue.  I’m happy with the new VP thing.  🙂


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