AVL – End of Turn 4

The Hungarians were nearly vaporized in the north.  Very few units remain to guard the northern rail lines.  The middle section was somewhat stagnant though the Russians retook the one hex that they were pushed out of last turn.  In the south, the Germans finished off the 28 Army and pushed two tank divisions back across the Don.  But it was a short lived respite as the Russians have started breaching the lines by the southern Don, nearly enveloping 3 full Panzer divisions, but at the cost of some out of supply troops.

VP’s – Germans 28 Russians 1

FloydWings thoughts:  Turn kind of sucked since all five of my command chits were out when only one of the Russians.  Wasn’t much for me to do and then not being able to tidy up my lines at the ends, means the turn 5 command chit pulls are going to be very important.  The 1st Panzer Army will enter on turn 5 and the 4th Panzer Army needs to get in full gear after finishing off the 28A.

Nephew #4 thoughts:  The stalemate in the center and to the south is becoming somewhat of an annoyance.  Finally got across the river so hopefully I can spearhead across there and confront the new army coming on the board.  I’m happy with the complete domination of the Hungarian hoard that they call and army.  Hopefully that opens up some options and open up a drive towards Karkhov.


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