AVL – End of Turn 2

German lines starting to show cracks but holding.  Lines starting to be stretched.  Italians nearly demolished.  Infantry casualties on both sides evened out.

VP’s – German 26 Russian 1

FloydWings thoughts:  Don’t like my lines being stretched so much.  Took an opportunity to attack the 28 Army.  It’s HQ is is eliminated and I’ll finish the other two units off in turn 3 hopefully.  Kind of wondering whether to risk that or pull back.

Nephew #4 thoughts:   Initial broad front tactic has been transformed into a more spear-headed attack which is creating pockets which is somewhat pleasing.  Still unsure of the success of my attacks.  Still need to push a little harder.  It’s a long ways to Berlin.

<Berlin isn’t even on the map.  🙂 >


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