A Victory Lost Simulcast

The start time is approaching. Nephew #4 will arrive anytime now and our forces will lock into a dance of death. The battlefield is A Victory Lost. I will be leading the Germans and Nephew #4 will be the Russians. The game represents the Russian offensive Operation Saturn as they begin to drive the Germans back. Stalingrad is nearing total collapse for the Germans and the 1st Panzer Army will soon begin a full retreat from the Caucasus. It should be an interesting game. This game came out last year and there’s been a lot of good hype for it.  As the Germans, it looks like I’ll have my work cut out for me trying to contain the Russian advance.  The victory conditions comes down to who controls up to 5 victory cities (worth 5 points each) and causing casualties.  The Germans have a lot of Axis minor allies that don’t count for VP’s so they will make nice cannon fodder to slow things down.  Infantry casualties count for 1VP and armor casualties count for 3VP.  Finding those opportune times for counterattacks will be crucial.

Oh the boy is here.  Gotta go.


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