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Six posted the other day that he had just gotten into using RSS feeds a few weeks back. It seems like it’s only been a few months, but I think I actually finally started making use of them sometime early in the summer, probably soon after I got my MacBook.  While there are probably plenty of RSS feed readers out there, the only one I’ve ever used is Google Reader.  I really like it.  Previously I would cycle through my list of bookmarks for all the blogs I was interested in.  This would take quite a while, because I wouldn’t know until I got there if anything new had shown up.  And heaven forbid if I didn’t get to a site for a while and forgot what the last post was I had read.

Google Reader makes this so nice.  It shows you how many posts are present in each of your feeds that you haven’t read.  After paging or scrolling through a post, it is marked as read.  You can even mark certain posts that are of some importance to you so you can find them back when you need them.  And in classic Google style, you can do searches through your feeds.

I would recommend adding the subscription button to your toolbar.  This makes it super easy if you come upon a site that you wish to have Google Reader keep tabs on.  While on the site, pushing the button will cause Reader to search the current site for an RSS feed and will then give you a preview of the feed so you can confirm that you wish to subscribe to it.

Just my two cents.  I thought I was late getting in the game.  Hope this helps somebody out.


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